Instagram username availability

This free online tool has been created for the name availability checking in social network Instagram. Username is unique parameter, which can not be repeated. You can see it on every user page on top. If you are choosing the Instagram username it must be checked up before the registration. It might has already been used by someone. Simply write the name you want to register in the search line. In that way if it is available, the green inscription appears - Available. If it’s not available - the red inscription Not Available.


Instagram makes demands to usernames:

  1. Using the English layouts only
  2. You can use any numbers
  3. Symbols: underscore points are allowed
  4. The maximal length is 30 signs
  5. The minimal length is 1 sign (don’t try to find short username, probably it has been already used)
  6. Using Emoji is unavailable

Username choosing recommendations

  1. Don’t use long and difficult to write words
  2. If the nickname is too long, use the separator mark between words, dot for example
  3. Don’t write senseless numbers like @cristiano01238457. It looks unattractive
  4. Don’t use abusive words. Other users may complain about you and your account will be blocked

If you want to change your username, you can do it in anytime, in the app settings or in the browser version.

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